Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who says Gluten Free has to taste bad??

So my family has recently started a Gluten Free diet! Yay! Personally have been wanting to do this for quite some time now but my husband has been very skeptical, assuming that all GF meals taste bad, so I decided to prove him wrong :) After looking through many recipes and narrowing it down to the one I really wanted to try I decided on Double Chocolate chunk Cookies, and let me tell you they tasted very good! AND they are now husband (and kid) approved! 

Recipe As Follows:

 -8oz of Bittersweet Chocolate, 4oz coursely chopped and 4oz melted {I used chocolate chips, as well as a shot glass to measure the ounces 1 SG = 1 oz. (don't judge me lol)}

 -1 1/2 c Almond Flour -1/2 c Unsweetened Natural Cocoa

-1/2 tsp Baking Soda -1/2 tsp Sea Salt

 -1 Stick Butter {Vegan butter can be used as a replacement}

 -1 c Coconut Sugar {I actually used honey because I forgot that at the store} 

 -2 Large Eggs {Egg Substitute for a Vegas option}

 -1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 


 -Preheat oven to 350 Degrees

 - Melt have of the chocolate on stove

 -In a bowl combine all dry ingredients and mix together

 -Add cubed butter and mix together until resembles coarse cornmeal. Add the eggs, vanilla, and melted chocolate and mix until dough is smooth. Fold in chopped chocolate.

 -Drop heaping TBS of dough onto parchment paper lined baking sheets . Bake until just set {about 8-10 min} rotating the cookie sheets halfway through <--- font="" nbsp="">

-Transfer cookies to a wire rack and let cool completely. 

Overall these cookies were great! They were soft and will crumble very easily so I recommend eating them over a plate! Excited to share more recipes in the future! *Tiff* :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Christmas in the Desert"

Well for us Arizonans, Arizonians, Arizonites?? Eh, whatever we call ourselves here a Christmas in the Desert is not unusual so that's why this year I decided to incorporate that theme into my holiday special. Yes, I took my clients into the desert when they were dressed to impress and tried my hardest not to get them dirty during the 30 min. they were with me. I still have more to shoot but this is it what I have captured so far! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still the only female in the house....

I don't think I have officially introduced our newest family member Tobias! Well Toby for short :) We got this little guy over the summer and he has been such a great dog! We just love him :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maternity ...

Here's a peek of a recent maternity shoot I did. I love how the sun is peeking through behind them.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yes! My dear sister has turned me on to my new favorite breakfast...Eggs and "soy" rizo. Now I must confess that I have never tried chorizo before BUT my sister (who by the way loves chorizo) swears up and down that they taste very very similar. For soyrizo being a vegan product it tastes very good and doesn't have much of a vegan taste.
With the soyrizo I will usually make two small breakfast burritos, I like to use Tumaro's Garden Spinach and Vegetable tortillas with 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg. For flavor I will also add some spinach, kale, and green onions. Can't forget to add some Flax Seed for the Omega 3's. I have been meaning to share this for a while now, it's one of my favorite breakfasts, very filling and low in calories!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's the Most "Photographic" time of the Year....

Yes that's right the holiday picture season has officially started!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas In the Desert

What better way to celebrate Christmas in Arizona than in Desert right?!?