Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Funks and Adjustments..

This always happens to me... blogging and I always go through little "funks" .. so lets try this again! It's been quite busy in the Wilson household a lot of "adjustments" have taken place. First me adjusting to staying at home. For someone who has gone to a job since they were 16 (now my age is showing) it has been quite interesting. Something that I have just gotten used to maybe a month ago and I have been home since May! But I am thankful that I have been blessed to have this opportunity to stay at home and build my photography business (which has been doing great as well). Another has been Noah and Kindergarten (oh my dear sweet Noah)... We had some struggles in the beginning BUT with lots of prayer and guidance we decided he wasn't quite ready for Kinder just yet, so he's doing one more year of Pre-K. Best decision we could've made! I have seen incredible improvement and maturing in him, and now I get some great mommy/Jeremiah time! Adjustment #3 (and hopefully the final one for a while).. Noah goes to Phoenix Christian Grade School (26th Street/Thomas) and Nick takes him there and picks him up! I think it's been great bonding time but it has been an adjustment for both Nick and Noah, but they're starting to get used to their new schedule...

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