Sunday, March 4, 2012

I think I've become obsessed with Disneyland....

Two weeks ago me, my mom, and Nick's mom took Noah and Jeremiah to Disneyland as a late birthday gift! Ohmigoodness they had so much fun! As did I! We did so many different things than last time...I guess thats what happens when I don't bring Nick into the park, I get to go everywhere!! We spent two days in the Disneyland Park alone and we did everything we could we saw parades, went to a character breakfast in the park, the boys got their faces painted,and I realized that I can bring my own snacks in!<---- which was awesome to cut a little bit of the cost down :) I want to go back asap, but in reality I wont be back for a couple of years :)... hopefully sooner than later!

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