Tuesday, December 13, 2011

T.O.B... Pt. 2

We left off with the X Ray at the emergency room :) So we take Noah a couple of days later to get a cast and instead of getting the cast right away the Dr. says that Noah needs to have surgery on his arm as soon as possible :( (one of the bones that was broken was pushed out too far and had to get pushed back in) So we get everything scheduled for the next day and brave an early 5:30 check in time... Noah did great and thankfully there was no need for pins in his arm :) This is our first broken bone so we are finally getting adjusted to getting shirts on and bath time, Noah gets his cast off on the 29th of this month ... just a few weeks prior to his birthday at his most favorite place Jumpstreet!! ... uh-oh I'll have to keep a good eye on him there lol...

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