Monday, October 17, 2011

Shame on Me!!

As I am usually telling the kids in my class "shame on you" if they're doing something "naughty" (which I really find funny, but I can't laugh because then they think it's okay) I tell them "shame on you!" lol... well today it's "shame on me!" because it has been a month and two days since my last post and that is not okay.. because I promised myself I would keep it up! So now I have to go and think back about what has happend in the last month! It has just been CRAZY BUSY around here!! Some days I swear I don't know what day it is because they have all just been meshing together like a big ball of goop! Photography is picking up :) I did my first two weddings about two weeks ago and those family sessions just keep coming :) Nick and I had a "mom and dad getaway" to Vegas a couple of weeks ago too! That was relaxing just always wish we had "more time," Noah is went to see a developmental peds which surprisingly went well! ( I say surprisingly because I was quite unsure about the Dr.) and Jeremiah?? he has been wanting sleep with mommy and daddy quite often lately (which I think is very sweet:)) but Nick doesn't feel the same :) ... and we have a new computer on the way! Since the one we have now is just about to fall apart ( and for the last 2weeks we've had major drama with that and trying pics/school work done in a timely manner) *sigh* I'm wore out just writing this :)

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